We begin this edition with congratulations to Dr Deborah Snell’s research assistant Rachelle Martin. Rachelle recently received confirmation that she passed her Master of Health Sciences degree (endorsed in Rehabilitation) with Distinction. She will be presenting a paper that emerged from her Masters at the Australasian Society for the Study of Brain Impairment (ASSBI) Conference in Fremantle, May 2014. The title of the paper will be ‘Life goals and social identity in people with severe acquired brain injury: an interpretative phenomenological analysis’.

Mini Symposium Videos NOW AVAILABLE

On Wed 19 March 2014 the Burwood Academy of Independent Living and Burwood Spinal Unit conducted a Mini Symposium at the Allan Bean Centre entitled "Living and aging with Spinal Cord Injury".

Scroll down to access the individual video clips for these sessions.

Session 1 Part A. The longitudinal SCI life histories study. Dr Martin Sullivan, Ass Prof Sarah Derrett, Prof Charlotte Paul
Session 1 Part B. The longitudinal SCI life histories study. Dr Martin Sullivan, Ass Prof Sarah Derrett, Prof Charlotte Paul


Thank you to those of you who attended our mini symposium last week on living and aging with spinal cord impairment. We hope you enjoyed the presentations. If you were unable to make it a video is available of the presentations [contact for more details].

This month we want to show case and thank our Board of Trustees for their support of BAIL and we especially welcome two new faces to the BAIL Board room.


It has been said at the Burwood Academy that “Our research champions independent living and improves life experience. Our research is not completed to gather dust on the shelf”.

It is with this in mind that we invite you to “Living and aging with Spinal Cord Injury” a Mini Symposium on Wednesday 19th March.

BAIL'S TALES : February

Happy New Year Generations readers! The BAIL office is all a buzz as we begin 2014 for two reasons. Firstly we welcome a new research assistant and secondly we have an exciting opportunity to showcase research in spinal cord injury with a mini symposium in March.

New Research Assistant
Rachelle Martin is joining us to assist Dr Debbie Snell with her HRC funded Mild Traumatic Brain Injury studies. She is undertaking this work whilst at the same time working on her PhD in rehabilitation so it will be a big year for Rachelle.


As 2013 draws to an end we reflect on some of the highlights. Early in the year, BAIL celebrated the appointment of Julian Verkaaik as the new BAIL Chair and the extended visit of Professor Gerben De Jong the 2013 William Evans Fellow from Washington DC.


Our researchers have made great progress this year on their various projects and BAILs research portfolio continues to expand. Here is some of the work we are currently involved in or supporting.

Impact of Christchurch earthquakes for people living with disabilities.


Our last Research Peer Group lunchtime meeting was again oversubscribed which demonstrates the level of interest in research activities here at Burwood. Jason Nicholls, Master of Health Sciences candidate from the University of Otago very ably shared his research proposal focusing on a nationwide survey of issues of concern identified by wheelchair users during emergency situations. His presentation generated really productive discussion about these issues.


I am convinced we are in the finest corner of the Burwood Campus over here in the Allan Bean Centre. With spring arriving, our resident Plover couple has three chicks attracting a lot of attention from the Magpie whanau who chortle their lungs out most mornings. The Bell Bird or two have remained despite the reduction in the size of the woodland area for the new car park. On some days the Bellbird song is so loud it seems they are inside the library.
A Pukeko family moved in this week also, so we clearly have something special here that attracts such a wonderful variety of bird species.

BAIL's Tales August : Shuddering and Creaking

As I write this second edition of “Generations”, my office in the beautiful Allan Bean Centre is shuddering and creaking all over again – reminiscent of a recent time all too familiar to us Cantabrians. The large pine trees surrounding the once Utley Reserve are being felled to make way for the new car park and we are feeling most of them as they hit the ground. I am very happy to report to you all that the resident Bell Bird has simply moved to the trees beyond the Helipad and we are all hopeful it remains.

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