It’s been a very exciting month here at the BAIL office and there’s lots going on. Our big news is that we have a birth to celebrate (well two as it hap-pens). One of our key researchers Johnny Bourke and his wife Corrin announced the arrival of their twin boys (Oliver and Leonardo) on Sunday 30th September. We have adopted Oli and Leo as our new BAIL Babe mascots and can’t wait for some early photos.


In August 2012 we had a significant resignation from our Board of Trustees.
Professor Alastair Rothwell who is known to many of you, and who was a founding member of the BAIL Trust Board which began in December 2005, has tendered his resignation.

BAIL Board Resignation – Professor Alastair Rothwell

In August 2012 we had a significant resignation from our Board of Trustees.
Professor Alastair Rothwell, a founding member of the BAIL Trust Board which began in December 2005 has tendered his resignation.
Professor Rothwell was a colleague of our founder Professor Alan Clarke and his substantial contribution certainly leaves a lasting legacy. He has been an unwavering supporter of the importance of including end users in the development of research and clinical services and focused on real life outcomes for people undergoing surgery in New Zealand.

New Trustee - Arron Perriam

The Burwood Academy Trust formally welcomes Arron Perriam to the Board. Arron comes to us with a wealth of experience in rehabilitation programme development and practice due to his tenure as Manager of the Kaleidoscope Vocational Rehabilitation Programme. Arron also brings more commercial nous to the board through his position as Training & Development Manager with Foodstuffs South Island Ltd.


We have up scaled our BAIL intellectual fire power this month.

Both Claire Freeman and Maria van den Heuvel passed their Masters with Distinction. We are enormously proud of them both and as is the BAIL custom celebrated with a cake.


It is not very often we get to present our high achieving organisation in detail to a Minister of the Crown. So we took the opportunity with both hands when the Associate Minister of Health, the Hon Jo Goodhew came to visit this month.


It is hardly surprising that the SCIN Stem Cell workshop, “Hope, Hype & Progress” has attracted attendees from incredibly diverse sectors of the Canterbury health community. Stem Cell research is a very topical issue for clinicians, researchers and most importantly people living with spinal cord injury. We were certainly disappointed the snow stranded our presenters in Auckland and the meeting was cancelled. Nevertheless I want to thank Ben Lucas and his team at the NZ Spinal Trust for joining us at BAIL to host what was to have been a special afternoon in the Allan Bean Centre.

BAIL'S TALES - MAY - "BAIL blazing a trail"

As we told you last Month, April was expected to be a very exciting month for BAIL. It certainly lived up to expectations as we hosted two significant events. The ‘Inside BAIL’ event is our annual opportunity to get together en masse with our key stakeholders to give them some detail on what we have recently accomplished and are currently working on.


After holding our breath waiting for Maurice and his great team from Naylor Love we can finally say “phew, we are back in our beloved Allan Bean Centre!” To be honest we were very comfortable in Ward 7 and the shift in and out has gone extremely well. Again we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to the many people involved in our temporary secondment. Especially the Burwood Management team and Ben Lucas and his fabulous team at the Spinal Trust.

Bail's Tales - March - "BAIL has bailed"

Working in our lovely facility at the Allan Bean Centre is almost a faded memory already! Yet it was only a few weeks ago that we were faced with having to move into Ward 7 as quick as we could. The earthquake issues were significant enough to provoke our engineers to declare that most inconvenient of phrases “you need to leave toot sweet”.

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