Bowel Dysfunction after Spinal Injury

Bowel Dysfunction after Spinal Injury


Bladder and bowel controls are affected in significant ways after spinal cord injury. With increasing time intervals post-injury the incidence of further bowel problems grows. The aims of this study are:
1. To understand the clinical effects of spinal cord injury on bowel function
2. To document the methods participants use for managing bowel dysfunction
3. To relate the changes to the level of injury, its completeness and the time since injury
4. To compare bowel dysfunction with bladder dysfunction


Prof F Frizelle, Professor of Surgery at University of Otago Christchurch. Colorectal surgeon.
Dr Raj Singhal, Clinical Director of the Burwood Spinal Unit
Dr A Anthony, Rehabilitation Physician, Burwood Spinal Unit
Dr S English, Urologist
Prof E Arnold, Urologist
Research Assistants:
Marian Lippiatt, Bowel Continence Registered Nurse at Burwood Spinal Unit
Lucy Beams RN


CDHB and Urology Foundation

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