BAIL'S Tales June 2017

Kia ora from the BAIL team


Doing or planning research? Have consumers consult your research proposals:

In our last “BAIL’s Tales” we talked about ways BAIL supports researchers – specifically, the postgraduate study group. Another way we support researchers is the BAIL consultation committee, or BACC for short. The BACC committee specialises in providing feedback on research proposals from the perspective of people with lived experience of disability. Members of the BACC committee are people with various impairments such as spinal cord injury, chronic pain, or acquired brain injury. If you’re doing any type of disability or health related research, our BACC committee can read your proposal and provide a letter with feedback.

The whole point of the BACC committee is an attempt to better involve people who live with various forms of disability in the research process. Historically, this hasn’t always been the case. For a long time, people experiencing disability were excluded from the research process – whether it be the topics researched, the design of research, and accessing the results of research.

The BACC committee has been operating for a number of years now, and has successfully consulted many proposals. Researchers who have used the service have found it improves their research, and members of the BACC committee have enjoyed being involved in the research process, and learning about the details of how research is planned and designed.

If you would like to use the BACC service, please visit






BAIL peer group meetings and research workshops:

No dates have been set for future meetings at this point.  Keep an eye on the BAIL website for the updated details of all our events (  

In the meantime … if you have some research you want to share, or are looking at ways of translating research evidence onto practice, the New Zealand rehabilitation conference is in Christchurch this year. Registration is open. Abstract submissions close May 31st.


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