The Disability Iceberg

Do you have a spinal cord injury or impairment?

Have you ever wanted to explain to someone that your SCI impacts you much more than just not being able to walk? Perhaps to your employer, colleague, work mate, class mate, friend?

This FREE resource may help you with starting that conversation.

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The Art of Recovery

Six Personal Stories of Adversity


The late Professor Alan Clarke started this compilation of recovery and rehabilitation stories in 2006. Sadly he died without having the chance to finish it. Having sustained a serious head injury himself and coming from a background in medicine, it was his belief that in order to move forward from any serious event it was imperative that the person became involved in the process of rehabilitation.
Good quality recovery is personal and definitely not a medical process. The reader will come to understand why the recovering person must be in charge on the pathway to happiness.

The book will be available late November 2017.

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