Telehealth: The Feasibility and capacity for Home Video Consultations in Canterbury


The aim of this study is to determine the ease of offering patients home Video Consultations (VC)by determining the willingness of patients to use home VC, their capacity to participate in a home VC with the technology available to them at home, and the conditions under which the service could be offered.


A three part sequential mixed methods study.
1) A survey to determine willingness to substitute in-person consultation with home VC.
2) Testing the technical capacity for home VC.
3) In depth interviews with parents and/or guardians and clinical staff.


Key contact

Dr Johnny Bourke, Burwood Academy of Independent Living

Phone: 03 383 6871
Fax: 03 383 7500
Mobile: 021 112 5596
Email:Dr Johnny Bourke

Other researchers and collaborators

Dr Jo Nunnerley, BAIL
Dr John Garrett, CDHB
Professor Philip Schluter, University of Canterbury
Dr Fi (Fiona) Graham, University of Otago

Status of the research 

Ethics application is underway