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Spotlight on the Research Peer Group
The BAIL Research Peer Group has been in operation now for nearly 9 years, was one of our first ‘Knowledge to Action’ initiatives and has hosted many hundreds of people and some diverse events on the Burwood Campus. The purpose of these gatherings is to expose both emerging and more seasoned researchers and their work to a supportive group of peers. These meetings have taken the form of mini symposiums, workshops and research presentations and have a popular following. Over the years our topics have covered a broad range of interest including living and aging with spinal cord injury, community reintegration following acquired brain injury, rehabilitation opportunities for NZers who live with osteoarthritis, and returning to work following the Canterbury earthquakes. One of the features of the meetings is the opportunity for group discussion on the topics presented which always prompts stimulating interaction and thought.

BAIL Research Peer Group meeting 30th April

The next Research Peer Group meeting is Thursday 30th April 12:15-1pm in the Chapel.
Speakers are Dr Hamish Jamieson and Dr Sally Keeling from TPMH research team.

Their linked presentations will begin with Dr Keeling providing an outline of the newly launched National Science Challenge - Ageing Well - and what it might mean for NZ research in ageing over next 10 years.
Dr Jamieson will follow with an overview of the research potential of the interRAI database (which covers comprehensive clinical assessment of all older people requiring community and/or long term care services in NZ). He will also present as an interRAI research project illustration, the findings of a Summer Studentship project which Dr’s Keeling and Jamieson worked on with Prof Ted Arnold, entitled: The long term effects of incontinence in older people.

This promises to be another great meeting and if you are not on the regular invitation mailing list and would like to come, just let me know.
Hans Wouters – Operations Manager Burwood Academy of Independent Living.