Free Book : “The Art of Healthy Living with Physical Impairments”

The English translation of the Spinalis book “The Art of Healthy Living with Physical Impairments” is available for download for free!
The translation was made possible by our own Anne Sinnott Jerram from BAIL and is a superb publication.

Thanks to our friends at Spinalis for making this available.

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The Art of Healthy Living with physical impairments

This book is an English adaptation of a Swedish book written for people living with the daily challenge of physical impairments. While the predominant focus is spinal cord injury the content is relevant to anyone living with multiple sclerosis, acquired brain injury or following complex trauma injuries. What is refreshing about this publication are the combined attributes of expert opinion, science and the lived experience - put together with style and beauty.

Anne Sinnott Jerram, Burwood Academy of Independent Living, was invited to undertake the adaptation to universally acceptable English. This involved sentence by sentence review, in depth interviews with the authors, field testing, proof reading and a healthy dose of disagreement. This was an interesting mission - much harder that it first appeared. It would have remained as unfinished 'Spinglish' text without the genius of kiwi expat Di Geda. Di undertook extensive proof reading once my patience was saturated. We trust that you appreciate the balance was a fine one - happy reading. If you doubt the merits of this book skip straight to Chapter 5 Mindfulness and see if you feel inspired. We certainly did.

Anna-Carin Lagerstrom and Kerstin Wahman the two Swedish authors work as Health Coaches at Rehab Station Stockholm/Spinalis Foundation. While both are physiotherapists but their combined clinical and scientific knowledge surpasses the usual clinician knowledge base and viewpoint. With their combined expertise and life experiences they have created a readable and user friendly textbook-style work of art that goes beyond didactic clinical advice. This was not a straightforward process because the requirements were vast. The possibility of the ever-directive clinician within each author to tell people what to do is certainly evident but the science of health and wellness clear as is the pragmatism and care. There is a refreshing positivity and sense of hope in this book not previously evident in publications that are equally informative while appealingly attractive.

The five chapters are:
(1) Introduction and 10 Healthy Tips - Anna-Carin & Kerstin have summarised the issues and provide a list of their top tips - perhaps best presented on a fridge magnet
(2) Motivation - This chapter is certainly a solid challenge for all of us but a crucial factor for success with a change in health habits for any reader. Understanding individual likely motivators is useful and the content here is readable but directive and provides some challenge.
(3) Physical Exercise - Perhaps the chapter of greatest interest to our NZ readers it was the most difficult to adapt for English readers because we all know that the facilities and services vary enormously here in NZ let alone around the globe. That said there are some great ideas and facts about exercise capacity and effects that are useful. Additionally there are useful facts and figures with clear instructions to avoid overuse injuries and excessive fatigue.
(4) Food and weight - On second thought this may have been the most challenging chapter to adapt as my knowledge was stretched and by assumptions challenged. What I do love about this chapter is that the science has been distilled for the reader with just a nice balance. You get very clear information on calories per serving, some shocking revelations but some smart food alternatives complete with recipes and easy fast-food choices.
(5) Mindfulness - By far the most creative chapter and a joy to adapt for the English reader simply because it is a wonderful mix of art and science. Compulsory reading for all health professionals to remind ourselves that there will be many interventions beyond mainstream western medicine that will enhance healthy living with physical impairments.

Each chapter is supplemented with stories from a wide variety of Swedish people living their lives - it includes honest reflections and declarations of both successes and challenges. Highly recommended, this book is available in good old fashioned hard copy at the Burwood Spinal Unit library, from Connecting People staff or Click here for your FREE Book “The Art of Healthy Living with Physical Impairments”

Anne and Di attended the formal book launch in Stockholm on 11 June 2015 as guests of the Spinalis Foundation.